Photography has been an actively pursued interest since the early 2000’s when I obtained my first film SLR camera. The years of learning since then have involved a variety of camera equipment (both film and digital) and experimentation with different photography techniques and processes. Since 2013 a renewed interest in film photography has taken hold with significant time invested in shooting with a Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera, exposing 120mm roll film. To minimise the costs of shooting with film, I am now processing black and white rolls at home using home-brewed Caffenol-C-H developer which is particularly effective at combating the low contrast of pinhole negatives.

In 2009 I joined the London Photographic Meetup Group, attending many workshops, talks and walkabouts. I stepped forward to become an assistant organizer for the group in 2013, getting responsibility for leading photographic walkabouts with groups of 20-30 members at locations in and around London and the South East. Since 2014 I have been a regular attendee to the London Alternative Photography Collective meetings, also participating in their events such as the annual London Pinhole Festival.


I am a software engineer by trade, focusing on the development of open source software. In my spare time I write and maintain the Entangle Photo application. This free software allows Linux users to control digital cameras directly from their laptop computers, arbitrarily changing the settings, triggering the shutter for image capture, live preview mode and downloading of captured images. It has found use for studio still life / macro photography, stop motion animation and DSLR based astrophotography.



  • 2018, Apr 29, Lego Pinhole camera construction workshop at PhotoFusion, Brixton, London
  • 2018, Mar 17, Cyanotype workshop at Love Art, Tooting Market, London
  • 2017, Nov 11, Cyanotype workshop at Love Art, Tooting Market, London